Social Networking Management Services for Small Business


In today’s business world, using social media is akin to newspaper, magazine, and television spots not even 10 years ago. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn are allowing businesses and inviduals to get their name out there right in front of a captive audience.

For some, establishing a presence in the social media world can be a daunting if not frightful task. How does one create a “fan” page? What is a “tweet”? Never fear, The Training Point is here to help get you setup and even maintain your social networking presence if needed.

According to the folks over at, over 500 million users are on Facebook alone! At the time of their survey, 1 in every 13 people on EARTH are using Facebook! Can you imagine how many people both globally and locally that you have the potential to reach just by being on Facebook?

Would it interest you to know that once you have established your Facebook page, you can link it to other social networks such as Twitter, which makes managing your social networking all that much easier?

Through networks like LinkedIn, you can connect not only with former co-workers or potential employers, but also share in discussions and other groups, all the while getting your business or service exposed to users around the globe.

It should be stated plainly that simply establishing a social networking presence is not going to work overnight, nor will it bombard you with business in a week’s time. It does take work to build and maintain the networks you choose to join– however– if you do not have the time to manage your social networking, let The Training Point do that for you!

Contact us today to discuss how becoming more “social savvy” can icrease traffic not only to your website, but also through your front door at your business!

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